Owl Cafe in Japan, Is it Worth it?

I have been wanting to go to an owl cafe ever since i’ve set foot in Japan. After going there for 3x I have finally gone. I have not seen an owl in person ever and I have always imagine this experience to be magical.

Almost all the owls looked pissed at me and that I’m disturbing them.

Great Horned Owl Angry Stare

Honest Review for the Owl Cafe:


It is actually very easy to find and very much accessible considering they are located in Dotonburi Area. It is located 3rd Floor Building.
Address: Japan, 〒542-0071 Osaka, Chuo Ward, Dotonbori, 1 Chome−1−7 真幸ビル 3F

Price Range

You need to pay JPY1500 for entrance with a drink. I think it is quite affordable for a one of a kind experiece.

Atmosphere / Experience

I went here around dinner time and I guess that is their down time since I was the only one in the cafe. It was really quiet all on my own with no music. The owls look like they are tired too and angry haha. But overall they look healthy and well taken care of. However It it sad to see them chained up. I felt kinda lonely looking at the owls. Not really the magical experience I hoped for.


The person manning the area was kind and would answer my questions even if I didn’t ask much to avoid further explanation about what my question means ( Language Barrier that I would need to go through)

Cafe or Drink itself

Lol, I almost forgot this part the ice tea I ordered was okay. Hahaha not really the highlight of the entire place. Also I wasn’t trying to be full since I have dinner plans afterwards.

Barn Owl with Different types of Owl in the Background

Personal Thoughts

Will I recommend people to go there?

Yes and No. For people who would really want to see a lot of different kinds of owls up close I would recommend this but I you are highly into animal rights you might not like this experience. I am not much of an activist about animal rights but I did feel sad leaving that place. It was nice to see them but they look kind of sad. Maybe they were exhausted being exposed in the public like that.

Would I go back?

No, I won’t be going back.



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