Glamping in Siquijor, was it a Yay or a Nay?

Glamping Experience in Siquijor! Probably one of the best decision I had. I was debating wether to just stay in dumaguete for the whole trip or stay in siquijor for this glamping experience and obviously I pick glamping and it was worth it! 

Photo with Friends inside the Tent


You will be given a glamp area with your own comfy outdoor chairs, table and a duyan or hammock. Inside there is a bed, an electric fan and a light. the place was wide enough for the 3 of us and our bags. 

Glamping Area

Bed Situation  

The bed situation is comfy as it can be. You are given beds that matches your size as a barkada. They usually have a double bed inside the tent and then they add additional beds, Towels are also given per person

Inside the Tent


They serve complimentary sugar donuts and brewed coffee every morning for their guest during breakfast. 

You can however cook on your own with their outside kitchen and grill where you can cook your own meals. They also have complimentary seasoning, ketchup and etc for you to use on your food. They also sell meat, sausages and cold beers at the front desk. 

Toilet/Shower situation 

Toilet is for sharing with other guest. It’s really nice with a lot of shells and stones crafted together.  There is also no roof. So it’s basically an open shower top but it does feel safe. Downside is you might be very wet if it’s raining. 

Con: The only thing that I mind during the stay is sand in my feet inside the tent. It’s one of my pet peeve to have sand on me when it’s not suppose to. So it really got to my nerves but my friends seem to not mind it. One tip is have wipes available to swipe sand or dirt off your feet before crawling in your bed. 

SOME FAQ’s I had before my stay 

  1. What if It rained?  
    Don’t worry it rained during our stay around 2:00 in the morning. It was actually soothing hearing the rain fall down on the tent. Water will not sip into the tent or get you wet. 
  2. Are there any establishment near the Area? 
    Yes, There are nice places only 3 minutes walk from the area. There’s also a General Store where they sell eggs and canned goods for you to cook your own breakfast. 
  3. How do I go from Siquijor Port to Siquijor Glamping? 
    Just hail a tricycle and they will happily get you to Siquijor Glamping. If I remember correctly it cost around PHP250.00 or PHP150.00, I actually forgot but try your luck in Haggling! 
  4. What time can I check in? 
    They allow us to check in at 2:00PM. So it’s pretty convenient if you have you arrive in the morning leave your things then have a tour. You’ll be back around 4-5pm in the afternoon.  

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