Baler Trip with HS Friends

This Baler trip was an unexpected experience and I get to go with my HS Friends. It’s hard to believe but this is our first trip together outside manila. I’ve already been out of High School for 9 Years already so yeah this was a first and I’m glad we finally did it, I mean finally. 9 years na eh. anyway  We decided to go on October 6 – 7. We only opted for 2D1N Package since a lot needed to be present on Monday for work. Honestly 2D1N was BITIN. It was too short, we wanted to do so much more and relax by the beach.

This was our itinearary:

Day 1 : Arrival and a lot of activities
Ditumabo Falls / Ermita Hill / Lukso Lukso Islets / Anao Islets / Diguisit Beach / Baler Church / Baler Museum / Dona Aurora House
Day 2 : Surfing and Good Bye
Balete Tree, Depart to Manila (We were suppose to go to Dicasalarin Cove but it rained the night before so it wasn’t advisable to visit)

The Real Tea about the Trip

Baler was one hell of an experience. It was a rollercoaster ride of pain, joy and fear all together. So I’ll be listing the experiences I have from this trip.

Road to Baler

Views to Baler

I was actually expecting it to be similar with the road we went through when we went to Ilocos last year. It’s totally different. There was a lot of winding roads and a lot of roads under construction. 4/12 People in the van was wide awake including me during the roadtrip. The van is going fast, which is actually normal for people who travels around the ph by van. Anyway it just boggles my mind how many roads are under construction not just in Manila but also in provinces.

Ditumabo Effin Falls or Mother Falls

This was a hell of an experience. You are required to have a guide with you during your trek to the falls. The guide cost around PHP 220 and he will be the one to assist and help you out. Bless this guide’s heart. he is absolutely my savior during the whole trek.

Pathway to Ditumabo Falls

Anyway my friends who had done the trek previously already alerted me that the way to the falls will be wet or damped so I should wear slippers “Basa yung daan kaya mag tsinelas ka” were their actual words. I think they forgot to tell me the part that when they meant wet it means submerging to ice cold waist deep river multiple times. My tsinelas couldn’t take the force of the water while being in the river resulting for my slippers to break multiple times. That’s when kuya guide comes into the rescue. He let me borrow his slippers for the whole trip. We also went through a lot of obstacles that required alot of physical movement. I hate trekking and I don’t know why I did it again but as always. Yes, The Waterfalls is worth the trek.

Solo Photo and a Photo with the Girls by the Falls

Ermita Hill

This is where you can see the whole of baler. The view was beautiful. You could also buy pasalubongs or take cute photos by the ermita hill sign.

Ermita Hill Group Photo

Lukso Lukso Islets & Diguisit Beach

Another view worth going to. It looks so serene and peaceful just seeing it. Would’ve spent more time in there but sadly it was too hot for us to bare.

Diguisit Beach
Photo of Me and Divina

Baler Church, Museum and Doña Aurora’s House

The church was charming and cute. It was different from the big manila cathedral or st. Peter’s basilica but it was a small, cute church. Disclaimer: I’m not catholic therefor I am not knowledgable about the churches. The museum is also very informative about baler years ago. The aircon also helps alot. Doña Aurora’s house is very simple and a good glimpse on how simple houses are before

Inside the house of Dona Aurora
Cathedral St. Peter Basilica in Baler

Baler Tree

It’s one of the biggest balete tree that I’ve ever seen. And it’s home of the best sumans I’ve ever tasted!

Balete Tree
People Climbing the Balete Tree

In conclusion!

  1. Yes, I would recommend to do all things that i’ve experienced. Even though it included risking my camera getting wet when submerged in the river.
  2. It is a great place to learn surfing.
  3. A great place to chill and have a peace of mind.

How to book this trip?

I booked this trip with Skywin Travel, Informing them about everything we wanted for the trip. Everything was smooth and we got the rooms and hotel we wanted.

We opted for a private tour with a driver since none of us wanted to drive despite majority having to own our own cars but this saved us time, thinking and money for gas if we ever got lost on our own. Also Parking was already included.

Sometimes having the luxury of having your own driver who knows the area is just really convenient rather spending time arguing what route to take or if we’re going the right way.



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