10 Places to go in Budapest

Me and my friend Chaw embarked on an adventure to discover Budapest in 48 hours only! Take note we have minimal amount of daylight since we visited on November. Daylight was around 7am and then the sun sets around 5 in the afternoon. This gives us very little time to admire every bit of Budapest during daylight. So here I constructed an itinerary to help y’all when you visit Budapest. I already rearranged our itinerary to give you better itinerary based on my experience.

1. The Parliament

The Budapest Parliament is one of the first monument I saw in Budapest and it was beautiful. Standing by the Danube where you can look up and see Buda in front of you. You can also visit the museum underneath or enter the Parliament itself.

Exterior of The Parliament in Budapest

2. Shoes by the Danube

This is a monument for the ones who suffered during the tragedy of world war 2.

3. An Afternoon in St. Stephen’s Basilica

Visit one of the largest church in Hungary before 1920. This is a beautiful church that also has a beautiful view when you reached the top of the Basilica. There is also an elevator if you are too lazy to climb up on your own.

Interior and Exterior Shot of St. Stephen's Cathedral in Budapest

4. Stop by The Synagogue

This is probably the largest synagogue in Europe. Go inside and see the wonderful architecture.

Synagogue in Budapest

5. Walk around The Heroes’ Square

The Heroes’ Square is not to be missed this square features important Hungarian national leaders. This is also home to Museum of Fine Arts where you can see different exhibitions. This is also en-route to the Roman Bath which you should check out next.

Heroes' Square in Budapest

6. Visit and Experience the Szechenyi Bath!

Do not miss taking a dip in one of Budapest’s Roman Baths. In the Pest side I recommend Szenchenyi since it’s already one of the well known baths in Budapest. They have an indoor and outdoor pool for you to dip in. Personally I prefer the outdoor pool even if it’s colder.

Pro tip: it’s more expensive if you visit during early morning and during weekends and holidays.

Indoor and Outdoor Bath in Szechenyi Bath

7. Stroll through the Vajdahunyad Castle

After having a fresh bath take a little walk through the park and you will see the Vajdahunyad Castle. This is where they replicated the evolution of the architecture of Budapest through out the years.

You can also have your lunch here at the Anonymous Bar. They serve really good food with a nice view by the lake when you eat outside. The price is affordable and food is great! I ordered chicken while my friend had lasagna.

Here is a link to their reviews if you want to know more:

Food in Anonymous Cafe

8. Matthias Church

A Romanesque Styled Catholic Church beside Fisherman’s Bastion. I was particularly charmed by it’s beautiful roof that has a distinct pattern. This church was also where some coronations took place such as Charles IV.

Photo of Matthias Church

9. Fisherman’s Bastion

One of the must see places to see in Budapest. This place is truly straight out of a fairytale. It overlooks the beautiful city of Budapest and gives you a glimpse of how charming Budapest can be.

10. Buda Castle

The beautiful Gothic Castle of Budapest that housed the powerful Hungarian Kings in Budapest. I love how creepy and gothic this castle is. It gives of a different charm. It now houses the Hungarian National Gallery and The Budapest History Museum.

Other Things to do:

The Labyrinth (If you’re brave enough)

This Labyrinth is located near the Castle. It was said that this is where Count Dracula was held captive by King Matthias. It was also used as a hospital and shelter during the World War II.

We didn’t have the guts to go down and proceed since it was also night time.

Széchenyi Chain Bridge

A great way to see Budapest is walk through the Szechenyi Chain Bridge. Being in the middle of Both Buda and Pest is pretty nice.


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