Candle Review: Rekindle Soy Candle

I ordered some soy candles online because I felt like my room just needs that warmth and soft smell. Being an army my sponsored feed is being filled up with BTS. So this popped out and I immediately got curious about the candles. chose the ones I liked and ordered them immediately. They have a good amount of candles to choose from and I decided on these three: Spring Day, Moon, and With Luv. The pricelist also has the ingredients in them so you could imagine what the scent would be like.

How does it smell?

Moon Candle


Lavender, Bergamot

Probably my favorite scent if you’re more into soft comfy soft smell. The scent is you cozy and has that clean feel to it.

P.S Jin is my bias so… yeah. but really I like clean and cozy scents.

With Luv Candle

Boy with Luv

Lavender, Pumpkin Spice

We all know there’s really a boy before with, right? Anyway this scent feels like autumn and gives off a nice warm feeling for your room.

I like it, I really like fall type of scents makes me want to bundle up.

Spring Day Candle

Spring Day

Lavander, Mint, Lime

This literally smells like fresh cut garden during spring. It’s amazing how it really smelled like spring. Honestly I was expecting cherry blossoms but this scent is also refreshing.

Candles on White Sheets

Candle overall review:

  • The frosted jar really makes the candle look aesthetically cool and pleasing for your room.
  • The Burnability of the candle is pretty small so it would look like it’s burning fast.
  • The Smell when you burn the candle does fill up my room but at the same time it’s not overpowering. The scent is there but it’s not a drastic punch in the face. This is good for sensitive nose like me.
  • The Price is pretty decent around P400-P450 ( $8 to $9) per candle.
  • I just wish the candles would be bigger.

Let’s support small businesses <3

You can buy your own candles by DMing on their Instagram: @rekindle.candle, you can also check their other candles and prices there.



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