Food Review: Baker on East Donuts

I have been waiting for this Baker on East Donuts for some time now and I am beyond happy and excited that I got these donuts. I love powdered donuts that’s why this grabbed my attention the moment it appeared on my feed. Thanks Algorithm for giving me things that I like.
Side note though, It’s not powdered donuts but sugar donuts. I just thought they were powdered donuts.

Delicious Donuts

1. Packaging

First of all, The packaging is 10/10. The box, The card where all the flavors are listed, The thing that holds the box, The personalized note on the back, The frickin cute stickers. Dead.

I am impressed. By far the nicest packaging I got from a small food business.

Black and Yellow Box

2. Let’s Talk Flavors.

They change flavors every month or so. This actually gives their donut loving audience more reason to buy from them again and again. anyway here are this month’s flavors.

Peanut Butter and Blackberry Donut

Peanut Butter, Blackberry + Juniper

This taste like an expensive Peanut Butter and Jelly. The Jelly has a deep flavor which balances when you get a bite of the peanut butter in it.

Peach, Mango and Chrysanthemum Donut

Chrysanthemum, Peach and Mango

A twist on our favorite Jollibee Peach Mango Flavored Dessert. The Chrysanthemum really added that hint of freshness you didn’t know you needed.

Chocolate Orange Donut

Blood Orange and Burnt Dark Chocolate

I’m a really choosy chocolate person and the chocolate in this is so rich and elegant? is that even an adjective for chocolates? The blood orange also balances the heaviness of the chocolate. If you like chocolate oranges you’ll love this.

Coffee Donuts

Single Origin Cold Brew

I’m a simple person, you say coffee I’m there. This I would say is the simplest out of everything here. The coffee flavor is creamy and it’s there. it’s coffee. I like it a latte <3

3. What about the Dough?

I do not like Sugar Donuts at all but these sugar donuts are so soft and light. It also does not overpower the filling inside it. It’s not sugary sweet but it’s not bland either. It’s just right to compliments the fillings inside.

4. Price? How Much?

If this was a regular donut I would say that it’s Hella expensive but because of the packaging and how different the flavors are I would say it’s justifiable. It’s P620 per box for 8 pieces, It includes 2 pieces per flavor.

Other Notable Notes:

  • Donuts might look small at first but enough to fill you up with just the first piece. This is why I just cut them into bits so I could taste them all without getting full at once.
  • It’s addicting. The box didn’t even lasted a day in our household.
  • Their postings, photos, and Characters are great. I just want to note that.
  • Their order strategy is also great that it entices more people to order.

Would you order again?

Yes, I’m interested tasting the other flavors they’ll come up with.

How do I Order?

Reach out to them via instagram: @bakeroneast. One thing about ordering is they only have a link open on a particular time and day. They only sell a couple per week so you gotta be fast on your clicking and typing skills.


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