Creamy Oreo Cream Puff, Simple yet delicious dessert.

I’m not actually a fan of Oreos in general but I am a fan of Cream Puffs. So suddenly this morning I’ve been craving for cream puffs and saw a recipe that has Oreo filling in it. I do have crushed Oreo in the pantry that I wanted to dispose of, so i guess this is the perfect way to do it. Honestly doing this is not really the most convenient thing as you need to make 3 things. The Craquelin, The Choux Pastry and The Filling. took me an hour to finish it all up. So here are some photos before I devoured it.

Orea Puffs
Solo Photo of the Puff Pastry

My Honest Review about my baking:

The Craquelin (Top part)

It was actually a delight. I didn’t expect to make something this good for the texture, I really like it. Sad that i didn’t get to do it in perfect circles.

The Choux (Bread Part)

Could’ve done it better, I actually made a big hole. The bread sticks to the parchment paper but the taste is actually good though. It compliments well with the Craquelin and the filling inside. I just need to figure out how to make it more soft and not stick to the parchment paper.

The Oreo Filling

Oh Boy, I didn’t imagine loving Oreo as a filling but i guess i just didn’t like the biscuit part of the Oreo. So it’s very much creamy and not too overpowering. Making this dessert not a one slice only dessert. It’s also not too heavy.

My Final Thoughts

I will also be updating you guys about my journey with this cream puff since i would really like to perfect it. I will also be selling it when I get to perfect it. So I could share my craving.



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