Who’s Frances

Hey guys, I’m Frances! I enjoy documenting my life as much as I could. I had enjoyed using Tumblr and Multiply when I was a youngster and I hope to progress in my blogging through this page. I’m here to share stories and experiences that may or may not help you.

Other things to know about me:

  • I am your usual Leo, some may hate me but whateva. jk, like me please.
  • I enjoy traveling and exploring new destinations.
  • I am a travel consultant that is why I will be posting more travels than usual.
  • I enjoy photography and baking as my hobbies.
  • I’m more or less a normal 20 something girl.
  • I did graduate from an arts degree
  • I am not good with grammar, spelling and/or how to use certain words in a sentence.
  • I have yet to perfect any language that I have learned.

Help a girl out.

I also do some designing and baking on the side. Making what i like to do into a profit somehow. You can shop here:

Baking: If any of you are interested in anything I’ve made you can actually order it and make it for you if you live here in Manila.

Digital Goods: I also sell some of my presets and bullet journal designs. You can download it anywhere in the world

Digital Service: I will design for you or make you your own website and teach you how to manage it on your own. Check my work site here: